The Face Wrap is a revolutionary non-surgical alternative to facelifts!   ◄Home
This non-surgical facelift takes 30-60 minutes per application and the results are unbeatable.  Complete kit with easy step-by-step instructions. Full money-back guarantee! Only $129.00
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Face Wrap Kit - No more puffy face or double chins
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Face Wrap™ gives you an all-natural, non-surgical, faceliftSimilar to the popular Body Wrap, this face lift without surgery tightens the skin and sculpts the face as it draws out impurities from the pores. It’s a mini face lift and deep cleanse that you can do at home. As Seen in NY Times!

The Face Wrap's proprietary mineral formula has been used in salons for over 35 years and in over 10 million Body Wraps. Now exclusively available in a home kit, The Face Wrap™ all natural facial sculpting system is ready for you to use at home. No painful face lift surgery or expensive doctor visits, just a few weeks of continued use and your skin will look less puffy, sculpted, lifted, younger, and more rejuvenated. It’s a 100% safe way to help you get the long lasting results you’re looking for with face lift surgery. Transform your face today without surgery and turn the clock back 10-15 years. More on this non-surgical facelift

The Face Wrap is a brand new facial treatment sweeping the nation. Written in the NY Times, the Face Wrap is essentially a non-surgical facelift which also pulls impurities out from the skin as it is applied. This mini facelift is a great puffy eyes solution which will help you effortlessly get rid of your double chins. Furthermore if you are tired of you puffy cheeks this non invasive face lift is the perfect solution.

Based upon a salon formula used for thirty five years, the Face Wrap now allows you to have salon quality skin care in your own home. The application of the Face Wrap is incredibly simply and easy to use. A mini facelift for your own personal use. The true beauty of the application is that it will have you looking more sculpted, less puffy, lifted and most importantly younger. There is no easier method to helping regain a younger you. The Face Wrap puts an end to double chins, puffy cheeks, and puffy faces. All without the pain of a traditional facelift.

Look at our testimonials, you will see countless quotes from customers who are overjoyed at the results they achieved and the ease with which they achieved them; achieved them from home, and without any invasive procedures traditionally associated with the benefits the Face Wrap systems gives you.

By using select minerals the Face Wrap dramatically repairs your face’s texture by making it smoother and tighter across your visage. Best of all the Face Wrap is 100% safe way to get facelift results without invasive face surgery. Please contact us today to get your first Face Wrap experience.