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Colloidal Silver Water First Aid and Burn Gel
Colloidal Silver Water First Aid and Burn Gel Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $29.00

Keep in your first aid kit for:


-Scalds or Sunburns

-Diaper Rash


-Poison Oak/ Poison Ivy


Facts about Silver:

-Colloidal Silver is tiny silver particles suspended in a medium (such as water)using and electrical process that causes the silver particles to detach and hang suspended in a medium.

-Our bodies break down all nutrients and medicines into colloids before they are used.

-Silver, like many other metals (iron, magnesium,zinc,etc.) has a positive role in health. It disables specific enzymes that mirco-organisms need to metabolize oxygen-breathe. They suffocate and die shortly after exposure to a silver colloid.

-These facts have been documented in studies and published in medical journals for the last 100 years.

-Silver Water Gell is made from the highest quality colloidal silver water available and contains atomic micro-clusters of 99,999% pure silver.

-You are getting the highest quality product available. Our silver particles are the correct size for penetrating the target organisms. The therapeutic particles per volume level is the maximum saturation for permanent electrical suspension in pure waters. -Improperly made colloids (such as grinding silver coins into dust and eating it with pig fat!) turned skin an ashen grey color. Improperly made colloids, as with home machines, are harmful. Always use professionally made Silver Water First Aid Gell.