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Replacement Face Bra
Replacement Face Bra Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $34.00

This is The Face Bra and the creation that makes it all possible! It allows the minerals to remain on the skin for up to 60 minutes for maximum absorption. You will reapply fresh minerals to The Face Bra throughout the treatment.

The Face Bra is adjustable with velcro at each end. The elastic fabric fits snugly and is made from cotton and non-latex elastic fabric which is soft and comfortable against your skin.

If you plan to share a kit with your friends or spouse, everyone should own their own Face Bra. Due to the deep cleansing action of the minerals, do not share Face Bras –even among friends or family!

The Face Bra is easy to care for. Just hand wash after each use with water or water and hydrogen peroxide or water and any natural disinfectant. Let it dry and it'll be ready for the next use!

As we all know, soap can be irritating to the skin so DO NOT use soap when cleaning The Face Bra as soap residues can remain in the fabric and absorb into your skin along with the minerals.

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