How does The Face Wrap™ work?

Over time, your face is exposed to a large quantity of environmental impurities, also harsh ingredients from makeup and creams.  These impurities can remain in the skin and give you an older looking face. The Face Wrap’s proprietary mineral blend is intended to nourish your skin deeply AND remove the impurities which create dull, older, looking skin that has lost its inner glow.main2

What is a Face Wrap™?

Face Wrapping is the process we use where we saturate a clean natural fabric with nutrients, then wrap this fabric on the face to keeping the nutrients on the skin long enough to absorb and exchange the old liquid for new, clean nutrient rich mineral liquid.

What is a Face Bra™?

The Face Bra is what we call the fabric compression garment.  Saturated with minerals, you wear The Face Bra for one hour per treatment.  This fabric wrap allows the minerals to remain on your skin and absorb into the skin for the duration of the treatment to lift and firm.  The Face Bra is made from high quality cotton and non-latex fabric which gently lifts your skin up –against gravity. To wear the Face Bra, saturate the fabric fully in the bowl of liquid minerals and then follow the instructions for wearing it.

How do impurities create puffiness and/or age my skin?

Impurities get trapped within the facial tissues and bring in additional fluid to dilute the impurities. This fluid and impurity retention is the main cause of water retention – or puffiness. So cleaning out the impurities in the skin and facial tissue is a must if you want to resolve your issues with puffiness.

Does The Face Wrap help with water retention and puffiness due to travel?

YES and Yes!   How often do we travel to our destination, only to look in the mirror and see puffy faces and eyes, dry skin, or deeper lines?  We’re blowing our own horn here, but honestly, this is the best product we know of for travel.  Use before or after travel and we’re certain you’ll be hooked.  We package the kit so it’s easy to take along, wherever you go.

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Will these treatments improve the texture of my skin?

Your skin will feel smoother and softer after using the Face Wrap kit. The muscles will feel relaxed too which helps with lines due to tension or holding your facial muscles tight.

Is it okay to exfoliate right before or after a Face Wrap treatment?

Yes, in fact, exfoliation is important. Use our gentle pumpkin enzyme peel or another of your choice on regular basis. This will help remove dead skin.

Exfoliate with our enzyme peel, or a peel of your choice, then lift, tighten and nourish with the Face Wrap.

facewrap_use_step8When is the best time of day to use The Face Wrap?

Use it anytime. Use it in the mornings to lessen or get rid of puffy eyes. Use it during the day to freshen up if you’re looking tired or stressed. Use it in the evening to clean and nourish the skin before retiring. Use before you go out for a superb beautiful glow. The Face Wrap also works great when used before and after air travel to reduce puffiness.

Can The Face Wrap reduce a double chin?


How do I use The Face Wrap?

    1. Cover your hair with plastic haircap.
    2. Make the mineral water by adding 1 heaping teaspoon of the powdered minerals to 3/4 Cup pure water. Saturate the fabric Face Bra in the minerals and pinch out the excess water.
    3. Hold the Face Bra by the ends and starting from under the chin, pull up and back. Fasten the Velcro at the top back of your head.
    4. Fasten the neck piece at the back of your neck.
    5. Put on the forehead wrap by also soaking it in the minerals and squeezing out the excess liquid. Raise your eyebrows as if you’re surprised, wrap the forehead band around your forehead and fasten the Velcro at the back. Relax your eyebrows.
    6. Pour the remaining liquid into the basting bottle. Baste the fabric and your face every 5-10 minutes. Tip: Drape your shoulders with a towel to catch any liquid that drips.

How do I order The Face Wrap?

Shop here or call us during business hours at 866-322-3272 or 727-447-6065.  Email us any time at:  [email protected]