Face Wrap - the revolutionary, non-surgical faceliftThe Face Wrap™ home kit, gives you an affordable way to give yourself a facial pick-me-up. But it’s not just a facial, it’s a mini face lift and a non-surgical facial sculpting system that you can do at home. And its easy to apply. You can give yourself treatments as needed and as you have the time.

This type of a non-surgical facial sculpting system works to remove excess puffiness, rejuvenate and tighten the skin from the inside out and soften and tone the skin also. Most people say it’s the best answer to a mini face lift – and it really works.

The mini face lift uses The Face Bra™ to create continuous contact of the minerals on your skin, and enables the minerals to saturate deep beneath the surface. It works by pushing accumulated impurities through the circulatory system and simultaneously drawing our impurities in the skin. The fresh minerals replace the accumulated impurities deep beneath your skin that have accumulated. Impurities can accumulate from exposure to environmental toxins, foods, alcohol, smoke and even skin care products. The Face Wrap home kit system contains a mineral formula which is used to saturate the fabric Face Wrap. Once the fabric is saturated, it is wrapped around the face and head with a slight amount of compression. You wear the fabric on your face for 45-75 minutes per treatment. The longer you wear The Face Bra, the more time you allow for mineral absorption.

When impurities collect, they draw water to themselves – creating water retention and decreased circulation which then creates even more water retention. Water retention in our faces is seen in puffy eyes, puffy faces, double chins and fine lines and wrinkles. Many people don’t recognize facial puffiness as water retention or cellulite, but that’s what it is. So instead of attempting a surgical remedy first, we recommend using The Face Wrap non surgical facial sculpting and mini face lift system first.

Use a surgical procedure as a last resort and not a first choice! Because the mini face lift you get from The Face Wrap slims the face and tightens and lifts the skin by supplying nutrients and pushing out the waste which gives you much healthier skin should you decide to make a surgical choice up the road. What you get from The Face Wrap is a natural, rejuvenated non-surgical mini face lift as can be seen in the before and after photos.

The results are accumulative so we recommend that you give yourself treatments 2-3 times a week for a few weeks in order to build some momentum. After this, you can maintain the results by a treatment weekly, monthly or as needed. (Each kit will give you 20 treatments.) There isn’t another natural mini face lift that gives you these results in an easy to use home kit.

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