Impurities can accumulate from exposure to environmental toxins, foods, alcohol, smoke and even skin care products. When these impurities collect, they draw water to dilute the toxicity which can create what is commonly called water retention.  Water retention in our faces can be seen as puffy eyes, puffy cheeks, double chins, loose skin, large pores, and even fine lines and wrinkles.

The Face Wrap works by pushing accumulated impurities through the circulatory system and simultaneously drawing out impurities. The fresh mineral liquid replaces the old water retention, removing impurities, giving you a deep cleanse and a mini face lift with many benefits.

3 Easy Steps:  Prepare, Wear & Rejuvenate

1.       PREPARE

  • Before first-time use, rinse the Face Wrap fabric and ring out excess water.
  • In a bowl, add 1 heaping teaspoon Mineral Sculpting Powder to 3/4 cup distilled or purifed drinking water. IMPORTANT: Do not use tap water unless it doesn’t contain fluoride or chlorine. Let powder dissolve. Place the fabric Face Wrap in the liquid until saturated. Remove and pinch out excess liquid.

2.  WEAR The Face Wrap

  1.  Start with clean face and neck. Cover hair with the plastic cap provided in the kit.
  2. The fabric Face Wrap has four ends that attach around your face and neck with Velcro. The side with the large Velcro square is the section that goes around your face and head.
  3. Hold the two ends of that section with each hand. Place the center of the Face Wrap under your chin.  Pull straight UP & BACK over the cheekbones (not just back) and fasten at the top back of your head.  Your face shouldn’t feel squashed and your cheeks should not be pushed toward your nose.
  4. Adjust The Face Wrap so it is comfortably secure. Place your hand between your face and the fabric to gently lift your skin up and toward the ear.
  5. Lift and arch your eyebrows as you wrap the forehead band around your forehead. Gently lift the outer ends of your eyebrows with your finger after the forehead band is secured.
  6. The neck piece can be snug or loose, depending on your preference. If you wish, you can cover your lips and the area above your lips to hydrate the skin and reduce the signs of wrinkles.


Wear the Face Wrap for 30-60 minutes.  During this time you can do just about anything from workings to resting.

Remove the Face Wrap and enjoy your results.  Our 100% natural mineral solution gives you a 100% natural solution.

What are the Anti-Aging Benefits you can expect?  With the Face Wrap, we’re not talking about looking 32 when you’re 62 because that’s a lot to ask for.  But we are talking about losing a decade –maybe a little more.  We’re also talking about fresher, rejuvenated and healthy looking skin because as we age even skin that isn’t wrinkled can look dull.

The Face Wrap utilizes a time-tested mineral formula that takes 30-60 minutes per application and can be done right at home, as often as you’d like.  Our proprietary mineral formula has been used in salons worldwide and in tens of thousands of Face Wrap treatments over the past 10 years.  It’s safe and it works.

The Face Wrap is likely the best non-surgical method for achieving a fresh and more youthful look without surgery and making 40 look 30, 50 look 40, 60 look 50.   Are you ready to add The Face Wrap to your anti-aging toolkit?

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