What are Non Surgical Face Lift Treatments?

What treatments are considered to be Non Surgical Face Lifts?  Treatments without surgery, of course.  The term non surgical face lift describes any treatment or procedure that will lift or tighten or shape the natural contours of a face without cutting into or puncturing the skin.

Without going under the knife or being stuck by needles, a non surgical face lift can be a combination of several techniques or just one.

The benefits of non surgical face lift procedures can greatly outweigh the more dramatic results achievable through cosmetic surgery.

First on the list of benefits is the lower costs associated with non surgical face lifts.  The high cost of cosmetic surgery makes some cosmetic surgery procedures unrealistic for the average person.  The recovery time which includes time away from work and other commitments should also be included in the expense of cosmetic surgery.  There’s also the fear that the cosmetic surgery procedure won’t turn out exactly the way you want, creating the expense for corrective surgery or surgeries.

Next on the list of benefits is non surgical face lift procedures are usually pain free, the results give a more natural look and refreshed glow.

Non Surgical Face Lift and Natural Skin Improvers:

Gentle peels such as pumpkin peel or other natural enzyme peels:  The careful use of natural enzyme peels can remove the rough outer layers of skin to smooth and remove lines and wrinkles.

Topical Hyaluronic Acid:  Topical hyaluronic acid serums are a safe alternative because they provide intensive moisture to the skin –plumping up folds and instantly filling in lines and wrinkles.

Face Wrapping:  Face wrapping with mineral salts and other anti aging ingredients is an old technique for drawing out impurities and adding nourishment.  The combination of nourishment and gentle compression created by a face wrap pushes impurities through the circulatory system, removes the puffiness in the face and on each side of a crease or wrinkle.  The end result is smooth skin, sculpted face and tighter skin.

Facial Light Therapy: Facial light therapy is used to reduce acne and hyperpigmentation such as age spots.

Derma Roller: A weekly collagen building facial that can be done at home using a skin roller. Good for skin rejuvenation, acne scars and stretch marks.

Facial Exercises: Just like other parts of the body, the face can benefit from facial exercises which can lift muscles and firm up the skin.

Where to go from here?  Go natural and exhaust all possibilities to achieve great results with non surgical face lift procedures before going under the knife