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Freshen up your look at the end of the day:  It’s the end of the day, but you have one more meeting.  You look in the mirror.  You look tired and feel tired but if you could just look LESS tired, you know you could eat something nutritious and grab a quick cup of coffee for some quick energy and you’ll be fine.  This is an example of a late afternoon Face Wrap treatment to freshen up and brighten up the face.  The treatment was about 45 minutes.  You can work, eat and do just about anything while doing the treatment.

Non Surgical Face Lift

Looking for less expensive solutions because invasive procedures aren’t covered by insurance and are expensive

Home Facial Treatments

Deeper than a facial (Cleanses deeply to remove built up impurities)

Puffy Faces Or Puffy Eyes

Salt and foods give people puffy eyes and faces, this works to help look less puffy

Effective Solution To Freshen Up Your Face

One kit gives 20 at home treatments. The cost of one kit is the approximate cost for one salon facial


  • Non-surgical facial sculpting system that you can do at home.
  • Nourished and rejuvenated skin.
  • Slow down the process of aging skin and appearance of fine lines.
  • Eliminate puffy eyes and effects of aging on your skin
  • Lose a decade –maybe a decade and a half!
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Are you considering a face lift or expensive injectables with brands like Botox, Restylane Juvederm, Dysport, Radius or Voluma? Or are you considering laser treatments? If so, consider the natural facelift approach first, and consider The Face Wrap™.



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Customer Reviews

Five Star Customer Review for The Face Wrap
“I use it and I love it. Even an hour after the first time I used it I could feel this rejuvenated sensation on my face. I don’t normally think about my face but I just felt this rejuvenated sensation on my skin.”
Five Star Customer Review for The Face Wrap
“I just want to thank The Face Wrap for an unbelievable product. I just had lost 70 pounds I was worried the skin was going to sag all over the place. The Face Wrap actually pulled the water out of my skin while I was losing weight and tightened everything up. Thank you Face Wrap.”
Joe V.