Are you considering a face lift, Botox, Restalyn, Collagen procedure or laser treatments?  If so, consider the natural facelift approach first.  

The Face Wrap™ is an all-natural, non-surgical, miniface lift.  It tightens the skin and sculpts the face as it draws out impurities from beneath the skin. It’s a mini face lift and deep cleanse that you can do at home.

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You know about  face liftseye lifts, neck and chin lifts, liposuction and other surgical procedures to tighten skin or remove fatty tissue from under the chin and reshape the face. You’ve also seen many non-surgical anti-aging systems.   Ads are all over the internet, radio and TV. They’re everywhere because we’re all looking for solutions to looking as good and young as we possibly can.   If you don’t want to take the more drastic approach with surgery why not try a natural, non-invasive approach first.  After using The Face Wrap for 20 treatments, your skin cells will be nourished and mineralized and look fresh, rejuvenated, less puffy, resulting in a sculpted and younger looking face.

What are the Anti-Aging Benefits?

With the Face Wrap, we’re not talking about looking 32 when you’re 62 because that’s a lot to ask for.  But we are talking about losing a decade –maybe a decade and a half.  We’re also talking about fresher, rejuvenated and healthy looking skin because as we age even skin that isn’t wrinkled can look dull.

The Face Wrap utilizes a time-tested mineral formula that takes 30-60 minutes per application and can be done right at home, as often as you’d like.  Our proprietary mineral formula has been used in salons for over 35 years and in over 10 million Body Wraps.  It’s safe and it works.

The Face Wrap is likely the best non-surgical method for achieving a fresh and more youthful look without surgery and making 40 look 30, 50 look 40, 60 look 50.   Are you ready to add The Face Wrap to your anti-aging toolkit?


A proprietary blend of minerals developed for the face, consisting of Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium-Sodium Tartrate, MSM, Aloe Vera and 74 Micro Minerals.

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