As the holiday season begins, Vicki Southard, creator of the Face Wrap (, reveals how to look your best while the stress builds with shopping, entertaining and the increased consumptions of sweets and alcohol. The easy-to-use Face Wrap, a natural non-surgical facelift, was created to lift double chins, reduce puffiness around the eyes, and improve the appearance of wrinkles. For those wanting to look 10 years younger, it’s an option that can protect the user from the high risks of nip tuck, plastic surgery.

The holidays bring many of the things we love and look forward all year like presents, parties and family get-togethers with pumpkin pie, turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, pecan pie, Christmas cookies, eggnog with rum, and New Years Champaign toasts. The very things we love are also the things that can result in drier skin, red and puffy complexions, facial out breaks and a build up of pollutants and toxins in the facial interstitial fluid.

This holiday season, Neilson forecasts a spending increase of 4.7% or an estimated 98 billion dollars at grocery and convenience stores. With the increased spending comes the increased consumption of sugar, white flour and alcohol resulting in more toxins from these substances buildup in the body. Cells excrete waste products, get sick, and decompose. This activity can sometimes overwhelm and pollute the interstitial fluid, rendering it unable to bring nutrition, oxygen and other vital substances to the tissues. If your face looks bloated or your features seem puffy, it can be because the body is flooding that area with an excess of interstitial fluid in an attempt to dilute the impurities and keep the impurities from harming the cells in that region.

“Once, only available in salons, the do-it-yourself Face Wrap can help,” says Southard. “It’s secret is the proprietary blend of all natural minerals. Non-latex elasticized cotton bandages are soaked in the minerals and swath the face. The tissues release their impurities while they take in the many dozens of natural minerals used in our mineral solution. Typically, the face is rejuvenated and appears to look younger, thinner and more sculpted in just a few treatments.”

For the most dramatic results, such as looking 5-10 years younger, we recommend the Face Wrap be used 3-4 times the first two weeks and weekly for about 6 weeks. Each treatment is 60 minutes and can be done while getting ready for the guests to arrive, addressing Christmas cards, or watching a movie,” reports Southard.

Southard also recommends getting plenty of Omega-3 an important supplement that helps moisturize ones complexion and softening the skin from the inside out. Omega-3 supplements like seed oil and fish oil give the highest concentration of these essential fats. It is also vital to drink plenty of pure water to help flush away metabolic waste from skin cells: a half ounce of pure water for every pound of body weight is best.